Weekly Drop

The Weekly Drop: April 4 – 8 Releases

April 8th brings quite the variety in musical goods as we see many anticipated releases with some unknown surprises sprinkled in. From acoustic and pop punk to metal and parody music, this week sees i...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: March 28 – April 1 Releases

April Fools brings no trickery in releases this year, with this Friday seeing a steady amount of releases. If you’re a fan of rock music, this is your week so far as we see quite a bit of rock, ...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: March 21-25 Releases

Probably the largest amount of releases in a singular week that we’ve seen so far this year, this Good Friday is true to its name musically. With major releases from rockers Asking Alexandria an...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: March 14-18 Releases

This week brings a smaller set of releases, but a lot of solid albums and debuts dropped. Drum & Bass mainstays Delta Heavy drop their latest album, Gwen Stefani, Hazing, Light Up The Sky and Redf...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: March 7-11 Releases

Some highly anticipated albums this week, ranging from new Zomboy material to Killswitch Engage and pop and indie and everything else inbetween. We also see the US Release of Normandie‘s debut a...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Feb 29-Mar 4 Releases

While a little lackluster on releases, this week has a large variety of music so there should be something for everyone. We even got a special surprise release from Kendrick Lamar. Seems like more and...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Feb 22-26 Releases

Probably the biggest week in regards to releases and variety thus far this year, today sees a ridiculous number of big hitter releases. In a way, it’s essentially the start of the musical year f...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Feb 15-19 Releases

The Weekly Drop is something old, new again. Months ago we used to release a list of the major weekly releases so people can stay in the know. Everyone’s busy and our goal is to deliver clean, s...[Read More]

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