The Weekly Drop: June 29

Another month has come to an end in 2018 and with it, a ridiculously large amount of releases that span all genre spectrums and styles, offering up enjoyable tunes for everyone. It’s these days ...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: June 22

With Summer officially here, things are starting to really heat up in regards to the music world as each week from here on out seems to be attempting to top the previous one. This week sees one of the...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: June 8

The second week of June has graced us and while it’s slightly smaller in terms of known quantities, it presents us with some unique releases, including some fantastic surprises.  On with the wee...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: June 1

June is officially here and the month starts off with a bang as this week seems some absolutely fantastic debut albums and long awaited followups that were easily worth the wait. On with the weekly dr...[Read More]

EXCLUSIVE: Lummox Release New Single, “Say So”

Melodic Alternative Rock outfit Lummox have teamed up with us here at Soundfiction to present their new single, “Say So”. The new song aims to describe the feelings and thoughts of when an...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: May 25

With the Memorial Day weekend and final release date of May upon us, this week has a great set of new releases to kick off the unofficial start of Summer. On with the weekly drop! Released 05.25.18 Ar...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: May 11

With only 2 more release weeks left in the month of May, we’re at the halfway point of release weeks and things ever so slightly slow down. Even with a smaller set of releases, there’s som...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: May 4

A new month is upon us and with it, an entirely brand new slate of upcoming releases that many have been anticipating for weeks and months. This May 4th sees a good amount of releases across the whole...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: April 20

As April starts to wind down and summer inches ever so closer, the bigger the releases will continue to get as this week sees notable artists return after a long hiatus while other ones make their deb...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: April 13

This Friday the 13th sees a smaller subset of new tunes to be heard in comparison to previous weeks, but the quality is as strong as ever with some absolute monster releases that need to be heard. On ...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: April 6

April of 2018 is now here and that means another month full of fantastic releases, today and throughout the rest of the month. The first week brings with it some long awaited returns, surprises and mu...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: March 30

As March comes to an end, the month that came in like a lamb went out like an absolute lion in regards to new terms. This week sees such a variety, from debuts to long awaited follows and even a major...[Read More]

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