The Weekly Drop: Week of September 21st

With the official start of Fall finally here, this week sees a different route taken from previous weeks and especially upcoming weeks with a smaller subset of new tunes to be heard. That being said, ...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of September 14th

The middle of the month is already here and with it we are graced with a ton of fantastic new releases that really show you how far bands have come throughout their careers. Not only that, the variety...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of September 7th

A new month is upon us and as the weather continues its long awaited descent towards cooler weather, the amount of releases is starting to heat up. This week sees some incredible debuts, very long awa...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of August 31

August 2018 has finally reached its end and as Fall is just right around the corner, Summer retains its lasting breath with a few last surprises and fantastic releases. On with the weekly drop! Releas...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of August 24

As we continue the winding down of Summer, the quantity and quality of releases is slowly but surely starting to ramp up. This week sees a fantastic variety of music to be heard with some extremely ex...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of August 17

We’re already past the halfway point of August and summer is inching closer and closer to an end for some, and already has ended for others. This is the time of the year where release weeks will...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of August 10

The first full week of August 18 is in the books and while it may be a bit light on content, it gives way for some extremely strong albums that have the potential to make waves on end of the year list...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of August 3

The calendar has turned the page to a new month and with it, we continue towards the end of Summer but also the beginning of brand new things, including some of the best release months of the year. Au...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of July 27

The last Friday of July is here which brings with it the slow but surefire descent of summer. This week once again sees a smaller dose of new releases, but what does grace our ears are some fantastic ...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of July 20

With a couple of weeks remaining in July and the dog days of summer really starting to pound down on people, this week offers a lighter slate of new full fledged releases. That being said, there’...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of July 13

While Friday the 13th in supposed to be inherently spooky, there’s nothing spooky about today’s slate of releases as it is legitimately one of the most solid release dates of the year. The...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: July 6

The fourth of July has come and gone, Summer is fully here and Warped Tour is in the early stages of its grand finale. With all that said, it’s a rather slow week on the new release front but wh...[Read More]

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