6.6 Fair

Album Review: Memphis May Fire – Remade In Misery

Memphis May Fire has been a band that I have experienced a lot of highs and lows with. Their 2012 album “Challenger” remains to this day, one of my all time favorite metalcore releases. On the flip si...[Read More]

10 Perfect

Album Review: Thornhill – Heroine

Metalcore outfit Thornhill shook to metal world in 2019 with their debut album ‘The Dark Pool.’ The band showed immediate promise with their ingenious combination of crushing breakdowns, s...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of February 22

The race is on for the end of February and with March (and thus Spring) right around the corner, a lot of heat was slated to drop this week. By far, this is one of the more varied, intriguing and stra...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of February 8

In terms of new release Fridays, we’re already halfway through February and it feels like it just started — thanks shortest month of the year! In terms of actual new releases today, the va...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of February 1st

We have officially finished out January and now enter the slog of February, which is technically the shortest month of the year but always feels the longest as we wait for winter to vanish. This week ...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of January 18th

As things are now starting to pick up in the new year for new releases, the Weekly Drop is making its triumphant return. This week seems some very strong, inspired albums that don’t just set the...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of November 16th

As things have been coming to a slowdown over the past few weeks, this week feels like the one last big “hurrah” of 2018 before the holidays kick off in the US and people shift their focus...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of November 9th

With a couple of weeks left until the Holiday season kicks into full gear, the release calendar is slowly but surely winding down and this week serves as one of the last major “hurrahs!” o...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of November 2nd

The calendar has once again changed and while the November once seemed so far away, it is now here. These next few weeks start the slow descent of major, new releases as the holidays approach, but unt...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of October 26th

The final full release week of October is upon us and in replicating how the month started, it ends on an extremely high note. This week has a ton of variety leaving you with lots of great tunes to ch...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of October 19

This week sees a smaller slate of new music to be released, but it sees some very anticipated albums from some of the rising stars in the industry. On with the weekly drop! Released 10.19.18 Artist: A...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: Week of October 12th

As we move deeper into the month of October, the weather is finally starting to cool down and things are truly starting to feel like Fall. On the music front, this week once again sees some great rele...[Read More]

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