New Zealand/Australian heavy hitter Banks Arcade have finally announced their long awaited debut album, Future Lovers. The band had previously released two EPs, 2018’s Endnote and followed up with Fever Dreams in 2020, along with a strew of singles leaving fans salivating for more.

Forged amidst the global pandemic, the band used the time to team up with former bandmate, Kenny Kersley on sound design and engineer Rich Brian to record Future Lovers in only seven days. Together they created something that will far surpass any expectations fans might have, even going beyond what they, themselves would have fathomed. The end result is an amalgamation of genre-bending music that will be sure to tickle the fancy of both old fans and new.

Vocalist Joshua O’Donnell had this to say about how Future Lovers came to be:

The pandemic definitely allowed the space to have no expectations. For me, I’ve been so busy over the past five years, grinding to try and make this music thing work, and this finally freed up the time to not have to go to work and to focus.

Check out the video for “Be Someone” below:

Banks Arcade – Be Someone [Official Music Video]

Be Someone is taken from Banks Arcade debut album Future Lovers, out July 29. Pre-order/stream at know how to call at the…

Future Lovers comes out July 29th, via UNFD.

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