Royal Coda Releases New Single, Numbing Agent

Royal Coda Lineup, Circa 2019
The Members of Blue Swan Supergroup, Royal Coda

Blue Swan Records‘ Supergroup Royal Coda released the music video for their first single, Numbing Agent.

Numbing Agent is Royal Coda’s first exposition featuring their new lineup, adding Will Swan (Dance Gavin Dance, Sianvar) and Steffen Gotsch (Kurt Travis, Crosby Cofod) to their superstar roster.


Royal Coda’s signature brand of ominous tones, soulful funk-shredding, and powerhouse vocals extends its roots even deeper with Swan’s iconic fretwork and Gotsch’s deep bass grooves in Numbing Agent.

Vocalist Kurt Travis’ vocals soar and burst with emotion, and guitarist Sergio Medina takes the stage again for a soul-bending guitar solo. Considering Royal Coda’s explosive debut with their 2018 Self-Titled release, Numbing Agent is par for the course.

Royal Coda – Numbing Agent (Official Music Video)

Compassion | The new album by Royal Coda out November 7th, 2019. Pre-Order “Compassion” Now: Vinyl & CD: Digital: Listen on: Spotify: Apple Music: Follow the band: Instagram: @royal.coda Facebook: Twitter: Directed by Orie McGinness LYRICS: What a doll she is Makes you almost sick At the edge of the plate, that one was for you Then she tilts her head, just to take the rest While we’re all in the other room Finding out the truth Please tell me…

The music video for Numbing Agent paints a dark and artful narrative of substance abuse.

Its visual elements are reminiscent of many hit videos from the scene, like Eidola’s Tetelestai and Silent Planet’s Vanity of Sleep. Vocalist Kurt Travis noted that he wrote the lyrics “around people destroying their lives, creating greed and selfishness around their drug use.” It’s chilling.

Numbing Agent’s release and music video are just a taste of what’s to come for Royal Coda. With the release, Royal Coda unveils their coming full-length album, Compassion, coming November 7th, 2019.

Album Artwork for Royal Coda's Compassion

The eight-track album features a guest feature from Blue Swan patriarch Donovan Melero (Hail the Sun, Sianvar, Nova Charisma).

Compassion is available for vinyl and digital pre-order at

Catch them touring with Hail the Sun, Strawberry Girls, and VIS on the Mental Knife tour this fall. Grab your tickets here!

Hail The Sun – TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be headlining…

TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be headlining this fall on the Mental Knife tour with our friends in Strawberry Girls, Royal Coda, and VIS. We can’t wait to…

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