Album Review: Fever333 – Strength in Numb333rs

As Butler’s victory speech rings Strength in Numb333rs out, I’m left to reflect. Can Fever333 accomplish the win they project and reclaim the people’s power? Will this fever spread? I can’t tell at the moment, but I sure as hell know I’m going to be bumping Strength in Numb333rs to every DSA meeting I head to for a good, long while.
  • Blistering Intensity
  • Political Sharpness
  • Phenomenal Production/Instrumental Overlap
Vocals - 9
Instrumentation - 8
Originality - 9
Longevity - 9
Flow - 8
Production - 9

There ’s a super-group coming from Inglewood CA that’s ready for the endgame. Fever333 is ready to be the endgame.

Composed of letlive.’s Jason Butler on vocals, The Chariot’s Stevis Harrison on guitar, and Night Verses’ Aric Improta on drums, Fever333 new full-length isn’t just a project.

Strength in Numb333rs is a hypersonic rallying cry, and one of the most targeted political actions to come through music in years.

Fever333 wields the stadium-filling choruses of Linkin Park and That’s the Spirit-era Bring Me the Horizon. Fever333 brings the pointed political fury of Rage Against the Machine and Refused. Fever333 brings a salvo of syllables, salt-of-the-earth production and eruptive, visceral emotion to make the revolution irresistible.

Anyone who’s listened to letlive. knows full well the awe-striking presence that Jason Butler brings to a mic. The hype kingpin and master agitator wastes no time in setting Strength in Numb333rs’ stage with chaos, urgency, and noise. Jason Butler projects hellhound energy throughout Strength in Numb333rs, spewing molten shrieks that impart a white-hot, singular purpose: It’s time to reclaim our power from the ones keeping it from us. Butler’s message pulls no punches; he wants to bring power to the people. With lyrical powder barrels like “Put me in front of the gun”, “Stand up or die on your knees”, and “No Justice, No Peace,” Butler makes it indefatigably clear- he’s ready to mobilize millions.

“Strength in Numb333rs is a massive nail in the Silent Majority’s coffin…”

ONE OF US is a radically inclusive, life-or-death blood boiler. PREY FOR ME/3 is a crash-course in organizing that shatters the semblance of isolation. THE INNOCENT reclaims the title of hero, giving a reverent memorial to the civilians that have been needlessly killed. Fever333 has prepared to reinvent the American majority from their silent past and make it in their furious, revolutionary image. Strength in Numb333rs is a massive nail in the Silent Majority’s coffin and a clarion call for a people’s future.


Linkin Park’s next of kin:

Ever since the death of legendary singer Chester Bennington in the Summer of 2017, I’ve felt a gaping hole in the world of the emotional, beat-driven genre Chester innovated. Strength in Numb333rs brings driving beats, molten breakdowns, and ultra-anthem choruses together to resurrect the trail that Linkin Park blazed. I haven’t been alive for a time where America has needed that brash, bullhorn voice more.

Proletariat Production:

Strength in Numb333rs struck gold in their approach to the music. By putting production into their superstar instrumental lineup, they open their audience to an unprecedented scope. (And rework a police siren into a BANGER moment.)Each part of the equation is mutually abrasive, (with certain exceptions) and the interplay between their titanic textures make for some WILD energy shifts. I particularly like the radical shifts in the /3 songs scattered through the album.

It’s clever how Fever333 does it- the production gives the ground for Butler’s nimble verses while setting the stage for a colossal chorus or blistering breakdown. Whether it’s a croon or a shriek, Butler stays versatile, always ready to thrash whatever’s up next. Strength In Numb333rs has that clean production that’s going to bring people across all tastes to transcend their musical divisions.

Runaway Trains:

Where Strength in Numb333rs‘s production swings, their moshpit instrumentation comes in fast and heavy. Some of the licks in this album were just born to be breakdowns. PREY FOR ME/3’s intro is a perfect example. It’s not easy to find instrumentals that match Jason Butler’s volcanic fury. Fever333 finds the equilibrium by unearthing and letting loose these runaway trains of industrial sound. On the flipside, their choruses exemplify Fever333’s radically inclusive philosophies. I expect Fever333 to effortlessly fill stadiums with these tools, especially with their tour supporting BMTH coming up in mere weeks.



INGLEWOOD/3. Kicking off with the best production on the album, capturing extreme beauty and pain at once. Every element of this song connects with discomforting closeness to Jason’s traumatic narrative of living in Inglewood with haunting poetry. Not only is the story point-blank, it’s jarring- and complex as hell. The chorus soothes and assures between massive pieces of heavy history, but it’s so much to hold. “When y’all were learning violins, I was learning violence,” gives me shivers. And on the drop of a hat, it pulls the Jeckyl and Hyde of the year. It turns into the explosive, guttural crown jewel of the album.



AM I HERE? Is a black sheep of the album, trading the revolutionary frenzy for a vulnerability that hits like a baseball bat. The softness of this song is still explosive. The feelings still flood. The instruments, the production, and the new face of Butler’s trademark screams come together to assail the heartstrings. I feel the tragedy of this piece from the core of my being and love it.

The Shakedown:

As Butler’s victory speech rings Strength in Numb333rs out, I’m left to reflect. Can Fever333 accomplish the win they project and reclaim the people’s power? Will this fever spread? I can’t tell at the moment, but I sure as hell know I’m going to be bumping Strength in Numb333rs to every DSA meeting I head to for a good, long while.

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