AlithiA Sign to Wild Thing Records + Announce New Album ‘The Moon Has Fallen’

Renowned for their spellbindingly powerful live shows and hypnotizing tribal flavours, Australian 6-piece progressive rock livewire AlithiA will release their highly anticipated sophomore record The Moon has Fallen worldwide on Friday October 26th 2018 through Wild Thing Records. They are celebrating this announcement by releasing the first single/video from the record, entitled “Empress”, which is available below.

AlithiA are set to traverse the globe with The Moon has Fallen, their best album yet. In sync with their monumental release, AlithiA will tour Europe with Norwegian avant-garde rock specialists Shining as direct support in November 2018.

Recorded in Athens, Greece, The Moon has Fallen delves deep into the realm of psychedelic tribal post-prog rock. The band embraces heavy percussive grooves, new wave Blade Runner-esque synth blasts, and striking melodic vocals with an emphatic punk attitude, resulting in one of the most unique and diverse albums to ever infect your senses. The Moon has Fallen is AlithiA’s first record written entirely collectively with the inspired addition of percussionist Jeffrey Raul Ortiz Castro interlacing the album’s sound with Latin rhythms, celestial synthesizers, and distinctive secondary vocals. The band’s original foundations, however, remain intact with John Rousvanis’ inspiring lead vocals and mesmerizing guitar styling apparent throughout, none more so than the epic album opener The Sun. From the pulsating engine room of bassist Tibor Gede and drummer Mark ‘Vel’ Vella, shining on highlight track Empress, to the stirring keyboard soundscapes of Danny Costantino, which command the single Diamonds, AlithiA have emerged with a simply exceptional album.

AlithiA founder and lead singer John Rousvanis had this to say about the new album. “We didn’t choose to make this album, but rather it was it’s own entity already in the etheric plane which chose us as it’s conduit birthing parents, in turn the writing process affected myself and the other members of the band in a extremely challenging way, leading to tumultuous ups and downs, we went through an intense journey that involved bemusement, blind optimism, broken hearts, death, loss, depression, near band break ups, sever sickness, mental illness, suicide, self destruction, betrayal, doubt, hedonism, salvation, brotherhood, the left and right hand path, realisation, enlightenment, new friends, love, marriage, empathy, philosophy, gratitude and growth all in our daily lives while traveling across the world and back in making this music…this album is just one part of my self and AlithiA that will live on after we are gone. The Moon Has Fallen.

AlithiA – Empress (Official Video)

Taken from the forthcoming album “The Moon has Fallen”. Release Date: October 26th, 2018.

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