Homebound Signs to Rude Records + Announces New EP ‘More To Me Than Misery’

UK pop punk act Homebound are starting off a brand new chapter as they’ve announced their signing to Rude Records. In addition, the band will be releasing their forthcoming EP, More To Me Than Misery on August 17th, which follows their 2017 release, The Mould You Build Yourself Around.

Vocalist Charlie Boughton had this to say about the forthcoming record:

“More To Me Than Misery draws on the many pitfalls when searching for happiness in love and life. Last year was possibly the best and worst year of my life for the very same reasons and you begin to fear the very things that once made you who you are. Honesty is a strong theme throughout the record, not just lyrically but I feel it transpires right through to the very core of everything we did with MTMTM. We treated the whole process like it was the last thing we might ever do as a band and I believe that’s made for the best collection of songs we’ve written to date. There’s certainly no hiding the fact that it’s a sharp change from the previous Homebound but it’s definitely the closest representation of the band we want to become“.

Coming Clean, by Homebound

Coming Clean by Homebound, released 01 June 2018 So you can’t be upfront and say it how it is, Gave me nothing in the way of an explanation, Never thought it come to this. I’ve been feeling a weight and it’s pulling me down, Fallen underneath the waves, won’t be long before I drown.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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