Night Verses Announce New Album ‘From The Gallery of Sleep’ + Share New Single

Southern California instrumental trio Night Verses have announced their new album, From The Gallery of Sleep will be out June 29th via Equal Vision Records. The band have premiered their new track, “Phoenix IV: Levitation”, which is the first single taken from the record. Following the release, the band will be heading out on a full US tour in July with Strawberry Girls.

Earlier this year, the heavy post rock trio, shared the news that they would be continuing on as an instrumental band without the vocalist and surprise released their first instrumental music, a 3 song EP, Copper Wasp. While that sort of change up might have knocked a band back a few steps, Night Verses have come through as an entirely different beast, letting each member shine all the brighter.

Now Night Verses are preparing to release their new full length, From The Gallery Of Sleep, redefining what a progressive metal band can sound like, pushing the boundaries, not only without a vocalist, but by bending the sounds that are “generally acceptable” within a heavy record. In the end, From The Gallery Of Sleep sheds much of their metalcore origins putting them ahead of their time as a progressive post rock band. The first single “Phoenix IV: Levitation” is a 9 minute epic, showing off the range accomplished throughout the new album.

Speaking on the track, drummer Aric Improta, says:

One of the main themes attached to the Phoenix is a bird rising from its ashes into a new form of itself and even though it’s a pretty on the nose analogy, we always use the “Phoenix” songs (on each album) as an attempt to raise the bar for ourselves musically. We usually try and include all of our favorite ideas and most challenging passages in that one song. It also acts a personal time capsule, reminding us of what our peak level of musicality was during that cycle.

Night Verses “Phoenix IV: Levitation”

“Phoenix IV: Levitation” is from Night Verses album From the Gallery of Sleep, out now. Buy or stream at: Follow: #NightVerses #FromTheGalleryOfSleep

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