AViVA Is Back With New Single “BRN”

Australian/US based independent recording artist AViVA has released her new single, “BRN”, off the back of her last two successful singles, “GRRRLS” and “DROWN”. With a ever expanding global fanbase, AViVA’s personal touch is part of what makes her followers so faithful. When asked why she chooses to engage on a personal level with her fans online she said,

In this age of social media we can become so disconnected from each other. That’s why I try to reply or engage with my fans, even if it’s just online. I want them to know I’m a real person just like them with real feelings just like them and that they and their feelings are valid”.

“BRN”is AViVA’s battle cry and it’s visceral hook ‘burn, burn, burn, in the fire’ is a throwback to the image of witch burnings. “I’m sick of people being ‘burnt’ today for being themselves- for not fitting in the boxes everyone tells us to be in. This is my f*** you to anyone who dares to put me in a box.”


Australian/US based independent recording artist AViVA launched back into the scene late last year with her debut single ‘GRRRLS’. Since October the single has collectively garnered over 110 Million

What Are Your Thoughts!

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