The Weekly Drop: April 13

This Friday the 13th sees a smaller subset of new tunes to be heard in comparison to previous weeks, but the quality is as strong as ever with some absolute monster releases that need to be heard. On with the weekly drop!

Released 04.07.18

Artist: One Last Daybreak
Album: A Thousand Thoughts EP
Genre: Post Hardcore
Listen: Spotify

Released 04.13.18

Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Album: Ember
Genre: Alternative Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Normandie
Album: Inguz – Gold Edition
Genre: Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: nothing,nowhere.
Album: ruiner
Genre: Alternative Hip Hop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Reigning Days
Album: Eclipse
Genre: Rock
Listen: No Spotify stream availabl.e

Artist: Settle Your Scores
Album: Better Luck Tomorrow
Genre: Pop Punk
Listen: Spotify

Artist: The Dali Thundering Concept
Album: Savages
Genre: Progressive Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: This Curse
Album: From The Darkest of Places EP
Genre: Alternative Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Vendetta Red
Album: Quinceañera
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: VNDTA
Album: Pale Glow EP
Genre: Deathcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Yashira
Album: Shrine
Genre: Metal
Listen: Spotify

What Are Your Thoughts!

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