Album Review: For The Fallen Dreams – Six

There’s no set amount of time that a band waits between releases. If one was to put a ‘standard’ on the gap, it would typically be around two years. Anything past that is when time begins to truly take its toll on the eager and anxious. Assumptions and fears can arise, leading to rumors, which only begets more assumptions and fears. These extended periods on time can be due to a multitude of reasons, but sometimes it’s simply because the people that comprise said bands, actually have lives and responsibilities outside of their music. Aside from that, sometimes the group just wants to make extra certain that they’re taking to the time, and putting in the effort to release the most absolute best music they can create. Thus brings us to For The Fallen Dreams‘ upcoming album entitled, Six. It’s been four long years since the groups last release, and many have been viciously salivating in anticipation for what was to come next. With Six, For The Fallen Dreams have produced their most ambitious effort yet. That ravenous hardcore-tinged metalcore is still rocking the forefront, but this time around the group has thrown in some surprising and amazing additions to their repertoire. Coincidentally Six is the groups sixth full length effort, and you’re all in for something insanely special.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Rise Records
Release: February 16, 2018
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“Stone” gave us the first taste of what For The Fallen Dreams had in store for the world on Six. Perhaps one of the bands most melodic songs to date, without losing any of their signature heavy. The song’s verse is fast paced, with the chorus reigning in the speed for a more rhythmic delivery paired perfectly with vocalist Chad Rhulig’s scream/sing combo. The song lyrically speaks to ones world crashing down around them, and the hardships of fighting back against that notion. You feel alone, unwanted, unneeded, but there comes a time when you must look inside yourself to find the light through the darkness.

For The Fallen Dreams – Stone (Official Music Video)

Purchase “Six” here: another day I awake unable to escape another day I awake my life is losing shape will I get through this on my own or will they etch my name in stone another day I awake crowded and alone another day I awake full house but

“The Undertow” is probably one of the more surprising tracks on the album. It’s a much slower tempo song than most For The Fallen Dreams fans will be used to, but assuredly this takes nothing away from the overall feel and impact both musically and lyrically. The intro/chorus rely on heavily strummed single chords that seem to rattle the floor beneath your speakers, and are accentuated perfectly by perfectly splashy cymbals. The verse begins slow with little but Chad’s vocals, which swiftly kicks into more of a quickened core vibe. The breakdown is an unrelenting barrage of palm muted guitars, blast beats, and Chad Rhulig screaming so hard it sounds as if his vocal chords were left on the studio floor. ‘you gotta hold onto something, before you let go of everything. You gotta love what you have, before you miss what you had. You gotta learn to walk on water, before you run, before you run out of air.’ Lyrics which almost seems as if they’re telling you to appreciate the little things in life. To look past the dull and dreary. To clear your mind of the pain and anguish that are cause by nothing in actuality.

Chad Rhulig has a stellar set of chops on him. To this day you hear For The Fallen Dreams origins of a more deathcore sound at times through his vocals, yet that isn’t even close to being the extent of his abilities. Rhulig truly shines on Six, especially on “Forever” showing a broader range than ever before. The song is brutally heavy while remaining insanely rhythmic. Sometimes in songs it’s not even the most obvious elements which make the song feel complete. At times it’s the most subtle of details which really round out a track. During the verse there’s a single note sporadically placed throughout which ultimately pulls the bass, guitar, and drumming all together. The song is angry as fuck (especially the epically intense breakdown), and it feels so good. This is the track all will be waiting for in the pits. This is where all the teeth came from on the album cover.

For The Fallen Dreams – Ten Years

Purchase “Six” here: I put it out there I let it leave my hands I let it leave my mind and it’s twisting me off and on what I was looking for what I was looking for it took me ten years it took my twenties by the throat

“Hypnosis” has to be one of the most solid songs lyrically on the entire album. The track seems to want the listener to try their absolute best to focus on what the future could hold for them. Far too often we all can be stuck too much in our past failings, mistakes, and hardships. So much so that we fail to see that our whole life and all of the endless possibilities that the future could hold. It’s a truly wonderful thing when a song can make you take a beat, and actually reflect. Match that with myriad of time signatures, and just the right touch of electronic additions, and you have one of the strongest tracks in For The Fallen Dreams entire catalogue.

“Void” is one of the most melodic, almost more straight forward rock songs on the album. One may refer to it as a softer song, but there’s no lack of edge overall. For The Fallen Dreams do heavy so perfectly, but it was a nice change for them to take this advantage to show that’s not all they are capable of. A predominately clean vocal track, it gives fans of old an entirely new side of the group and one that none should be disappointed by. Especially since the cleans are absolutely amazing, and only add to the many other incredible facets of the group.

For The Fallen Dreams took their time when making this record. They took their time in making sure it was the most perfect music they could release to the world. On Six, the group has ventured down roads they haven’t traveled before. Through listening to the album, it’s clear that instead of trying to be a one trick pony, For The Fallen Dreams painstakingly planned out each and every detail whether musically or lyrically, and put in their all and more. This album contains the most diverse music the band has yet released, and what feels like the most personal lyrics Chad Rhulig has ever written. Four years is a long time between albums. But not when the end result is something this phenomenal.

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