The Weekly Drop: January 20 – 26

January is coming to a close and for the first month of the year, it’s been a whirlwind of exciting new and surprises releases. Once again, there’s something for everyone this week as some great artists finally release new albums after many years plus some very unexpected surprises. On with the weekly drop!

Released 01.19.18

Artist: Above & Beyond
Album: Common Ground
Genre: Trance / Electronic
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Alexander Fairchild
Album: Too Young For New York EP
Genre: Indie Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Arcaeon
Album: Balance EP
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: August Burns Red
Album: Messengers Remixed
Genre: Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Camp Hope
Album: Michael
Genre: Alternative Rap
Listen: SpotifyC

Artist: Crossfaith
Album: Wipeout EP
Genre: Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Django Django
Album: Marble Skies
Genre: Indie Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Giver
Album: Where the Cycle Breaks
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Handsome Ghost
Album: Welcome Back
Genre: Indie
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Machine Head
Album: Catharsis
Genre: Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Marmozets
Album: Knowing What You Know Now
Genre: Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Mike Shinoda
Album: Post Traumatic EP
Genre: Alternative Hip Hop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Mimicking Birds
Album: Layers of Us
Genre: Indie Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: One Flew West
Album: Trial & Error EP
Genre: Pop Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Sleeping Giant
Album: I Am
Genre: Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: The Dangerous Summer
Album: The Dangerous Summer
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Tiny Moving Parts
Album: Swell
Genre: Emo / Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Waterparks
Album: Entertainment
Genre: Pop Rock
Listen: Spotify

What Are Your Thoughts!

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