Slow Bloom Signs With No Sleep Records + Announces Debut EP ‘Hex Hex Hex’

Northern California noise-rockers Slow Bloom have announced their signing to No Sleep Records with plans to release their debut EP, Hex Hex Hex on January 26th. The band have also unveiled the forthcoming EP’s debut track, “Sarcophaguts”, which truly shows the bands prowess of combining visceral post hardcore with alt sensibility.

“”Sarcophaguts” is a special song to us because in the live recording process of this EP it was the only one we nailed in one take, and is a perfect example of the intensity and melody we create. This song and the EP lyrically are inspired by the desire to feel like everything is okay, to feel a positive change in a world so devastatingly seeped in anxiety and misery.” – Jonny Andrews (vocals)

“We’re very excited to be working with No Sleep, every exchange with them has been so positive and there’s a tangible energy of excitement that has been very inspiring. We’re also stoked to be working with Dog Knights across the pond. Both labels have released so much quality music from amazing bands and we’re honored to join their ranks.” – Jonny Andrews (vocals)

Slow Bloom – Sarcophaguts (Official Music Video)

“Sarcophaguts” taken from Slow Bloom’s upcoming EP ‘Hex Hex Hex’ out January 26th via No Sleep Records and Dog Knights Productions (UK) Preorder links: No Sleep Records Dog Knights Production For No Sleep Records Releases, Merchandise and more visit: Subscribe to the No Sleep Records YouTube channel to be notified first on anything and everything we post:

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