Album Review: Noija – Colorblind

Experimentation leads to innovation. This is true of nearly all facets in life as without people who are able to look beyond the now and into the future, society would be stuck in a cycle of stagnation and complacency entirely rather than just in certain parts. It has much less to do with trying to be a trendsetter and instead has much more to do with combining different aspects in a way that makes sense to the innovators mind(s). While the on-going tinkering and creation process may not make sense to everyone, the end result is what impacts a larger subset of people the most and that’s where the outcome sees the highest level of appreciation. This same concept exists in music and over the decades has led to innovation and breakthrough acts that create stunning pieces of work, inevitably being a “trendsetter” of sorts as other artists try to replicate or build off of the sound. Enter in Swedish alt-rock outfit Noija, who may have formed in late 2016 but only came to light almost a year later in September 2017 with their debut single and subsequent releases. Now the band is gearing up to release their debut album Colorblind which is not only an album that encompasses who they are and who’s inspired them, but improves on those in a meticulously crafted way.

[tw-toggle title=”About Noija”]
Genre: Alternative Rock | Post Hardcore
Label: Independent
Release: October 20, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

It’s almost a natural instinct for people to draw comparisons between things they hear or see to other aspects that fall in the same realm. For myself, one of the immediate comparisons I drew to Noija was in regards to another Swedish outfit that burst onto the scene last year in Normandie. I correlated this comparison not due to them being from the same country or to them having a similar sound, but more from how they introduced themselves with stellar singles that have both led to incredible debut albums that leave listeners demanding more. Additionally, much like their Swedish counterparts, Noija also offer a style and sound that does more than blend other bands approaches with their own as they have crafted something that is wholly unique to them. The simplest way of describing it is a synth rock base with roots in post hardcore and technical metal as the influences from the likes of Bring Me the Horizon, Issues and Northlane are apparent, but not all-encompassing. The truest way to put it is that Colorblind is a beautiful representation of what music has to offer when a band looks at experimenting and innovating rather than simply copying.

Noija – Can’t Slow Down (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Dreambound ________________________________ Artist: Noija Song: Can’t Slow Down Album: Single (2017) Hometown: Malmö, Sweden Website: ________________________________ Lyrics: Did you ever find yourself So caught up with the air that you never took a breath So eager to chase a future that you imagine to be

A big part of that experimentation comes from how the do-it-yourself approach Noija took in regards to the album and the lack of a differing vision or ideology taking creative control over the sound. This has helped Colorblind contain a strong, direct vision throughout the total package as the flow is remarkably cohesive and the production is tight, yet soothingly beautiful and melodic in ways that can’t really be explained. That’s simply just a piece of the puzzle as each individual track contains massive buildups and crescendoing moments that shatter expectations while introducing chill-inducing atmospheric set-pieces that tug at the heart. Even with a desire to create atmosphere through melody, incredible programming and soaring choruses, there are subtle heavier moments such as in “Find the Sound” and “Wanderer” that add an extra layer to Colorblind, yet again showing off incredible composition found throughout.

It’s rare for a debut to be so awe-inspiring in terms of the total package, ranging from composition to the programming and production and that’s where Noija absolutely nail it as each individual track is honest and heartfelt, paving the way for beautiful music to be heard.  This was extremely apparent upon the unveiling of their debut single as people were instantly clamoring for more and more is what Noija deliver as Colorblind is more than an excellent debut, it’s a musical journey that’ll sweep those same people off their feet. The decision to retain control of all aspects of the album, along with the almost year-long process of writing, rewriting and perfecting every single element shows that this was more than an attempt at experimentation and innovation; it’s a work of love by people who immensely enjoy what they do.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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