Ghost Atlas Announces Debut Album ‘All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about’

Ghost Atlas, the side project of Jesse Cash who is primarily known for his role in the Sumerian Records metalcore band Erra has announced their long awaited debut album All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about is set to be released independently on November 17th.

Cash says “Erra is a metal band, I’ve always enjoyed playing and writing that stuff, but Ghost Atlas is more of a reflection of what I personally enjoy, what I listen to most and what influenced my songwriting late in high school.

In conjunction with the album announcement, the band have released their melodic, sultry new single “Legs” along with the accompanying music video.  The primary objective of “Legs” is to set a provocative tone. “It has a dark, uncomfortable, yet sexy vibe to it,” says Cash. “It’s like the sound of sadomasochism and hopefully invokes a mood in the listener that is similar to the feeling I get from listening to a song like ‘You’ve Seen the Butcher’.

All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about will be released 100% independently on November 17th. Cash invested thousands of dollars of his own money into this release and says “The freedom of total independence is super gratifying. It showcases a protective spirit towards the integrity of the music and general creative direction, as well as a more personal feeling of getting your music directly from the musician.

Ghost Atlas – Legs (Official Music Video)

iTunes: Bandcamp: Google Play: Amazon: Merch: Directed by Orie McGinness Produced by Enlighten Creative Studio Lyrics: Come around as you are / like a sad slow song on the radio / conflicted and charming / Soft lips / legs twitch / in your car /

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