Sinsaenum Announces New EP ‘Ashes’

Extreme death metal band Sinsaenum have announced their new EP Ashes will be out November 10th via earMUSIC. The EP contains over 30 minutes of mind-blowing music, featuring three brand new and EP-exclusive songs, which all display Sinsaenum’s love for the roots of death metal and extreme music.

Additionally, two previously exclusive Japanese bonus tracks can finally be enjoyed by the rest of the world. To top it all off, renowned French producer and musician Frederic Duquesne (Mass Hysteria, guitar) has provided a remix for “Dead Souls.”

Ashes is showing a more mature version of our music, and also an angrier side,” said Leclercq. “A lot angrier. We wanted the production to be rawer. Nothing is polite here. We just want to grab the listeners by the throat and spit our hatred into their face. With this EP, we took things further. The black metal vibe is more present in the three new songs, as are the synths; they reinforce the eerie side of our music. Experimenting with keys and machine is not something we are afraid of. Musical darkness can come in many ways.”

1. “Ashes”
2. “Monarch of Death”
3. “2099 (Heretics)”
4. “Degeneration”*
5. “King of the Desperate Lands”*
6. “Dead Souls”**
* Previously Japanese Bonus Only
** Frédéric Duquesne remix

What Are Your Thoughts!

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