Sink In Premiere New Video for “On The Radio”

Alternative pop rock band Sink In have premiered a new video for their song “On The Radio”, taken off their upcoming new album Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things, due out Sept. 29 via Standby Records. Premiered via Idobi Radio, frontman Tighe Eshleman explains:

“This song stemmed from a discussion we had earlier this year about how much we loved the new wave of pop/EDM artists. There is a creativity in melodies that is fresh and different. When I saw DAVII’s first single, I completely fell in love with his style. All I could think about was how cool it would be to combine that creativity with the raw sounds of a rock band. I think a song like this is important because it shows that music doesn’t have to be confined to a genre box, and bands don’t have to fight against the sounds of modern pop.”

Sink In X davii – On The Radio (2017 EDM Pop Rock Indie Alternative Video)

FFO: EDM Rock Indie Pop alternative rock playlist 2017 “This record is the result of the past two years on the road. We’ve grown from the days as a group of guys in a shabby construction van playing at a local bar, to this moment now where we are so proud to release this album with Standby Records.

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