Forever Starts Today Release “Last One Standing” Music Video

Austin, TX female power pop / punk outfit Forever Starts Today, consisting of Christina Murphy (Lead Vocals), Nathan Dunn (Guitar & Vocals), Troy Hirschhorn (Guitar), Kyle Salaga (Bass), and Nicholas Turner (Drums), sprinkle messages of hope, positivity, and discovery throughout their lyrics. As the band gears up to release their debut album Always Hope this Friday, they’ve released their new music video for “Last One Standing”.

As told by lead vocalist, Christina Murphy, “Last One Standing is an anthem for anyone who feels like they’ve been knocked down in life, who just wants to give up, and needs a last minute encouragement to keep going.” Always Hope explores some of the tougher things in life (like losing a loved one, surviving abuse and finally cutting ties in a toxic relationship) but they all tie around in a positive way. The band elaborates,

“If you listen to our new record, you will hear that we draw inspiration from everyday life. We tackle a wide range of topics on Always Hope, but it can really be summed up by saying ‘this is what it means to go through life in your 20’s, in today’s world.’ We didn’t shy away from any of the more intense topics either.” The main goal is to connect with people through music, by delivering a sense of hope and positivity by opening up about some tough situations brings a sense of rawness to the lyrics and sound. The band continues, “we hope that in doing so we can help provide some listeners with a sense of sympathy or empathy and the feeling that they aren’t alone in whatever they are experiencing.”

Forever Starts Today – Last One Standing (Official Music Video)

“Last One Standing” is the third single off the brand new CD “Always Hope” from Forever Starts Today which comes out August 25th on Third String Records. Pre-order the LP on iTunes and receive an instant download of the track “Optimist.”

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