ANSON Announce Debut EP ‘To Be or Nothing At All’ + Stream Title Track

Los Angeles-based alternative rock 3-piece ANSON are aiming to bridge early 2000’s emo rock with today’s mainstream stratosphere, and they’re off to a strong start with their new single and video, “To Be Nothing At All”. The song lives on their forthcoming debut EP of the same name, produced by Andrew D’Angelo (Set It Off, Volumes, Cold Rain) due out September 29th.

The EP offers a very personal and raw reflection of when vocalist, Anson Li, began the journey to self identity and speaks to the struggles of putting everything on the line to live for your art. In 2017, Li collaborated with George Tello and Zack Mueller to complete this newfound artistry when wanting to transition from being a solo act to a full band and re-titled the project to ANSON. The three found commonality in self discovery, strength, and empowerment to take a risk in life, and brought a unique synergy to the full band sound. Li continues,

“To Be or Nothing at All” is about living at the crossroads of my life and dealing with the daily struggles with self identity, self doubt, and depression that come with that. The EP tells a story of how I dealt with these issues and gained strength to choose a path and move forward in my life. This EP is a testament to the fact you can’t live your whole life stuck at the crossroads. You have to make a choice because not making a choice is just as bad as making the wrong one. In life you have to stand up for what you believe in, don’t be scared to fail and go for it. Follow your dreams. Taking leaps of faith is terrifying, but at the end of the day when you do it, everything in your life aligns together and it’s pure bliss. – Anson Li

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