Forthteller Announce New EP ‘Nihilist’ + Release New Single “Tiresias”

After two successful tour runs Florida technical metalcore outfit Forthteller are pleased to announce that their forthcoming Nihilist EP will be released July 7th. In promotion of the EP, the band has released their lead single “Tiresias.” The band is currently in the last days of their run with label mates Curses and are planning their fall touring schedule.

“The Nihilist EP as an examination of the struggle of human kind to justify its existence in contemporary society. In the wake of modern secularism, there has been a considerable loss of purpose and meaning for the individual and society as a whole. We are creatures obsessed with finding meaning and purpose, but are constantly told that we have neither. As a band, we wanted to ask the hard questions and bring to the foreground the struggles associated with having no meaning or purpose.

Tiresias fits into that framework by addressing the ideas of lust/love. Written in sonnet form, the song is a group of two sonnets that critique both contemporary and historical ideas associated with love and lust. As we seek to gain meaning and purpose through “finding love,” we often get lost in the act of consuming another individual and losing ourselves in the infatuation. Instead of finding meaning and purpose, the individual is destroyed by their own desire.”
– Thom Schultz (Drummer)

Forthteller – “Tiresias”

Video by Chuck Burns of Hardcore Casual Media Buy Forthteller Imminence Records

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