Heirsound Release Music Video for “Heaven With You”

Alternative pop duo Heirsound have been strategically dropping each piece of Layers, a three-volume collection of EPs that progresses through deeper levels of emotions as the layers unravel into a story. Today, following the releases of Volumes I and II with their deftly self-produced videos for “Proud” and “Lacuna,” the band has teamed up with Huffington Post to unveil the third video as a preview to the forthcoming and final installment of Layers (Vol. III). Head to Huffington Post to check out the exclusive interview and video for “Heaven With You.” On the song, Alexa San Román states:

“Beginning Volume 3 with the sound of rain that you hear at the end of Volume 2 – ‘Heaven with You’ revisits the same story from Volume 1 except this time with a feeling of acceptance & letting go. This song is the conclusion to the first narrative throughout Layers. Although it is a separate narrative from the track ‘Next Life,’ the two are connected in that you must let go of one person to hold on to another.” – Alexa San Román



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