Premiere: Home Sweet Home Release New Video for “Blue Sky Gray”

We are pleased to partner up with Indianapolis post hardcore / alternative rock outfit Home Sweet Home to bring you their latest video endeavor. This time around, the group decided to give their track “Blue Sky Gray” (taken from their recent release Where The Heart Was, out now on CI Records) the visual treatment and it’s shall we say, dark but in a humorous way.

For more on Home Sweet Home and to stay up to date on the latest news, you can follow them on their socials: Facebook | Merch | iTunes | Google Play

Upcoming Shows:
June 16 – Stacy’s House Brattleboro, VT
June 17 – Bungalows Manchester, NH
June 18 – The Space Hamden, CT

What was the reason behind choosing “Blue Sky Gray” to have its own video treatment versus other tracks off Where The Heart Was?

Sean Potter: Blue Sky Gray has a very harsh, but true message that each band member connects with on a personal level. We leave that message up to the listeners to find out and interpret for themselves. It was also a good song to choose for a video to best portray our new outlook as a band, while still showing we are the same fun loving guys you all know.

As for the video yourself, was the concept solely that of the bands or did someone help with the creative process? In regards to outside help, who was responsible for production/filming and what was it like working with them?

Sean Potter: The concept for the video was drawn up and put together by myself, then presented to the rest of the band for more contribution. Brian “Bone” Thorburn of Threshold Studios had much to do with helping bring the story and video to life, as he always has for our videos. He filmed, produced, and co-directed for Blue Sky Gray. He is an amazingly talented, crafty, and all around great guy to work with. It’s always a terrific experience with him.

While the video has a darker, almost comedy tone to it, that seems to be the opposite of the more serious lyrical tone behind the song. What drove the decision to make the video have a light-hearted or more humorous tone?

Sean Potter: There are some harsh realities we all have to face from time to time, and Blue Sky Gray’s message is definitely one of those realities. However, our lyrical content doesn’t completely define who we are as people. We are still the same quirky, comedic guys who enjoy making music, and we seem to inevitably portray that in our videos, no matter the meaning we are trying to convey. Nothing in life can be completely one way or another. There will always be some gray in the black or white.

Setting aside all laughs and entertainment for a brief moment, what really inspired you when you were writing this track?

Sean Potter: I was falling out of a difficult and toxic relationship at the time. At the risk of making this too personal, all I can say is sometimes you have to realize that love isn’t always worth the price you end up paying for it. Sometimes it’s best to just let go when you are both at the end of the rope.

Now, be honest – who’s idea was it to slap him with the dildo?

Sean Potter: I was friends and former roommates with the couple in the video, and I knew they had marital aids. The band and I thought it would make lighter of the torture scene we had planned, so we told them to bring what they had. As far as what to do with said marital aids, “Bone” came up with the dildo smacking scene. He knew it would be a “hit”.

If you guys were a real group of hit-men:
-What would you name your group: The name of our group would be “Home Sweet Hitmen”. You will actually notice it if you look closely enough at the scene where Izzy looks at phone in the bedroom and finds us on Craigslist.
-Who would be the leader: Austin
-Who would be the brains: Daniel
-Who would be the muscle: Sam
-Who would fuck it all up: Sean

Lastly, what other weird stuff can we expect from you guys in the future?

Sean Potter: We are currently in the beginning stages of writing and planning out our first full length album with our new guitarist and cowriter, Marshall. This is definitely bringing a new style and dynamic to our writing. We are slowly unveiling to ourselves what Home Sweet Home will truly be, not just in lyrical content, but now more so than ever in the music itself. The future will definitely be a busy, bright, and weird one for us all.

Home Sweet Home – Blue Sky Gray (Official Music Video)

iTunes: Google Play: Spotify: Physical: Home Sweet Home – @hsh_indy I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to say what’s on your mind. And I know it’s tough when you leave the ones you love behind. People never change, at least that’s what I’ve heard, and now I’m starting to believe it.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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