Album Review: Currents – The Place I Feel Safest

Metalcore is dead. A statement I’ve seen and heard a multitude of times as many complain that the genre has gone stale or that it’s run stagnant. Even better is the statement that the metalcore scene of today is simply replicating that of the past years, churning out the same album over and over. This unfounded sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Many bands have taken on a multifaceted style in which they portray their version of metalcore, but at its center, that’s entirely what it still is. Metalcore is here to stay and a band like Currents more than solidifies that with their debut album, The Place I Feel Safest.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: SharpTone Records
Release: June 16, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

Currents aren’t new to the game as they have multiple singles and two rather respected EP’s to their name. They’re a well rooted band, who have always had strong promise to do great things, but it wasn’t until 2015 when new vocalist, Brian Wille, joined the group that the band would truly become a completely cohesive unit. Over the next couple of years they would write all of the instrumentals, giving Wille complete reign over his vocals. What came out of these sessions is their strongest, most well constructed and most beautiful release of their career thus far.

Currents – Night Terrors (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

iTunes – Apple Music – Amazon MP3 – Google Play – Spotify – Merch – LYRICS Burn it down and forget what I would try to hide so incessantly but I just can’t find release For all the pain in my heart and all the ache it causes me while I bleed out for the people who’ve forgotten me.

The album cover alone bids an eerie omen. Is there truly anywhere, that anyone can feel safe? Does such a thing exist? So many are faced with situations of mistrust, hatred, fear, sadness, and sometimes it seems as if there is absolutely no escape from any of it. Even in a place you COULD feel safe, many I’m sure find themselves wondering, “am I really?”. That aforementioned omen though also is the perfect welcome mat into what could boldly, yet confidently be called one of the greatest metalcore albums the scene has seen in quite some time. The cover is also a perfect indicator of what the album deals with lyrically. Loss, sadness, anger, resentment. All sentiments which live in our head…a place where some can never feel safe. This album is heavy as fuck (to put it so eloquently), although it still has elements that are almost hauntingly beautiful. This is the epitome of a multifaceted metalcore album. There are hints of djent, progressive (most prevalent on “I’m Not Waiting” with even an almost Erra – “Drift” sounding solo) and even hardcore stylings, all strategically wrapped together like a kaleidoscope to create an exemplary metalcore release.

ONE of this albums greatest assets lies with its aforementioned new vocalist Brian Wille, as his range is incredible, in both his screams and clean singing. His vocals seem to adapt to and mirror what ever emotion he attempts to emit with such ease, that you’re left with a harrowing notion that you’re feeling exactly what he was in the moment he sang/screamed the words. In the bands bio section of their Facebook page, they stated “sometimes, time is the missing ingredient needed in order for an idea to come to fruition”. That is more than clear, seeing as it took the perfect amount of timing to produce such an incredible album, but time is only a single ingredient, of which there are many, to release such a masterpiece with the vocals of Wille’s serving an integral part as well.

Currents – Withered (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

WITHERED from the album THE PLACE I FEEL SAFEST available NOW on SharpTone Records GET ALBUM HERE – LYRICS I can’t even remember the first time you led me down this path. Fuck. I never once in my life thought I could ever feel much lower than this.

Metalcore is not dead, in fact, it is alive and well. Bands like Currents (among others) will continue to populate our ears with this infallible truth. In a world where so many bands seem to be siding more on the softer side, even if their origins were based in the core genres, it’s groups like this that honestly make you appreciate the ones who continue to bring the heavy to the table. No my friends, metalcore is here to stay and do yourself a favor and do not sleep on the album that may once again, make you a believer in the genre so many of us fell in love with.

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