EP Review: Stateside – Naïve

While Australia has become a hotbed of musical talent over the past 5 years in many genres, one area that they’ve been lacking in over others is within the alternative rock realm. There simply hasn’t been an act that has taken the rock world by storm when compared to the likes of Mallory Knox or Deaf Havana or essentially, an act that helps shape the sound and future of the genre. That’s not the fault of not trying, it’s the reality of the genre itself as other areas of the world have grabbed a stranglehold on it and define the path it’s currently been taking. Brisbane’s own Stateside are aiming to try to change that and since the release of their debut EP Burning Bridges, they’ve been slowly turning heads and building a name for themselves. As the band gears up to release their new EP Naïve, it’s never been clearer that this five-piece is ready to take the reins and put Australia on the map as a place to look at for the future of the genre.

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Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Unsigned
Release: May 25, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: Big Cartel

Speaking of paving taking the genre by the reins and paving a new path, that is exactly what Stateside do as it falls outside the typical realm of what modern day alternative rock presents. This is done by incorporating more pop sensibilities, as highlighted by the likes of “Neon” which switches back and forth between somber and upbeat instrumentation accompanied by love-tinged lyrics delivered in a very melodic and peaceful style. The other end of that is the constant energy that oozes through Statesides’ music has “Jaded” offers up all the makings of a strong anthemic rock song with its wailing guitars and pounding fills. While these are just two examples of what can be heard, it’s the intertwining of pop and alternative rock in an equal way that makes Naïve have a distinct sound to it. This results in it falling outside the purview of what many other artists in the genre are doing, and its’ sound is only enhanced by the bands own compositional abilities.

Even though Naïve only contains 6 tracks and provides a relatively short listen at under 20 minutes, each song brings with it a different approach that still fits within the overall concept of what they were trying to achieve sonically and lyrically, making it a refreshing listen and take on the alternative pop rock realm. It’s also further proof that quality is better than quantity and by focusing on a core sound and direction, a band can excel with flying colors. In the end, Stateside opted for the right route and have only helped themselves by creating a distinct style and sound that is unique to them, offering their take on the genre in a differing way compared to others, which ultimately will only set them up to be better off in the future.

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