Set The Score Tackle A Lovers Addiction In New Single “Homebound”

Melbourne pop punk five-piece Set the Score have released a brand new single and music video for “Homebound”, a thumping track that tackles the spiral of lover into drug addiction. The concept for “Homebound” first came from vocalist David Bell who shares his experiences in the song and uses it to achieve some closure.

“Lyrically Homebound is about my experiences with someone thatI shared my whole life, who chose to go down the path of drugs and the influence they had over me,” said vocalist, David Bell.

“Instrumentally, I wanted Homebound to nail all the basics of song structure and songwriting,”  said guitarist, Matt Van Duppen.

“It’s got the intro that sets the feel of the track right from the start, thecatchy chorus melodies, the interesting bridge, and we’ve made sure it all gels together. I think we’ve done that,” said drummer, Adam Pinzone.

Set The Score – Homebound (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Dreambound ________________________________ Artist: Set The Score Song: Homebound Album: Single (2017) Hometown: Melbourne, Australia Website: ________________________________ Lyrics: I was never there when you needed me, It fucking rips me inside and out. I followed in your footsteps, you can’t help yourself, Struggle from day to day.

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