Esprit D’Air Release New Video for “Guiding Light”

London j-rockers Espirit D’Air have released the music video for their newest single, “Guiding Light”, taken from their upcoming album due for release this coming Summer.

On Guiding Light, Esprit D’Air vocalist Kai has this to say-

“Inside each human there is a Guiding Light, it leads us through the journey that is life. This powerful feeling is what we tried to convey with the song. The lyrics reflect the everyday struggles that we all face during our short time on this earth.

There are periods when everything feels dark and hopeless, times are bad, and the world seems monochrome and binary. Then we see the light and realise there is hope, things will get better and a spectrum of technicolor radiates around us, this is what keeps us moving forward.
That is the concept behind ‘Guiding Light’, and it translates through the song, the video and the artwork very intentionally, like prisms of lights shining out in to the world.”

Esprit D’Air – Guiding Light

Music video for Guiding Light performed by Esprit D’Air.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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