The Weekly Drop: March 4 – 10

As the Northern Hemisphere inches closer and closer to the start of Spring, the US will truly start feeling it this weekend as the clocks jump forward and daylight lasts longer. All of this officially means that the second week of March is here and with it, another slate of new music. While there may not be a lot of massive releases this week, what is out is ridiculously solid and even some of hints at greatness. On with the weekly drop!

Released 03.07.17

Artist: Black & White
Album: Black & White EP
Genre: Instrumental Metal
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Released 03.08.17

Artist: Earthists.
Album: Dreamscape
Genre: Progressive Metal
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Released 03.10.17

Artist: Black Map
Album: In Droves
Genre: Rock
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Artist: Can’t Swim
Album: Fail You Again
Genre: Rock
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Artist: Crywolf
Album: Skeletons EP
Genre: Indietronic
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Artist: Darkest Hour
Album: Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora
Genre: Metal
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Artist: Dozer TX
Album: Centerpiece EP
Genre: Pop Punk
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Artist: Havok
Album: Conformicide
Genre: Thrash Metal
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Artist: Mallory Knox
Album: Wired
Genre: Alternative Rock
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Artist: Mod Sun
Album: Movie
Genre: Hip Hop
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Artist: New Portals
Album: Stereo EP
Genre: Electro Pop
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Artist: Pillow Talk
Album: This Is All Pretend
Genre: Lo-Fi Rock / Indie Rock
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Artist: Senator
Album: Tiny Monsters EP
Genre: Alternative
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Artist: Smile Empty Soul
Album: Rarities
Genre: Alternative Rock
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Artist: Stories Through Storms
Album: What Keeps Me Up At Night EP
Genre: Metalcore
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Artist: Young Fox
Album: Sky Beats Gold
Genre: Indie Rock
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