Nobody Move Releases New Single + Lyric Video for “Toothache”

Pop rockers Nobody Move have released their new single, “Toothache”, which follows in the footsteps of their first hit singles “Starless Sky” and “Hips”. The bands upcoming label debut, Science Fiction is due out sometime this summer.

”Toothache” is a song about needing someone else while not thinking you’re good enough for them. The thing I love the most about it is the underlining light hearted way of singing about something that is serious. When someone else doesn’t want you back, it sucks! It’s almost like joking about it to slightly make it feel okay. Pete Wentz is the king of that! Also, not to mention Alex’s awesome ad libs in the last chorus!” – Zach Krugman (Vocals/Guitar)

Nobody Move – “Toothache” [Lyric Video]

Nobody Move Imminence Records …

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