Stay Sick Recordings Announce Signing of Afterlife

Stay Sick Recordings is further beefing up its already impressive roster. The latest addition is West Palm Beach, Florida-based alt metal band Afterlife. The band is slated to release their new EP, Vicious Cycle on 2/3/17.

Vicious Cycle is an EP we are very excited to release to the world, since collectively over the past year, we have been building and sculpting what is now called Afterlife into what we believe is our most authentic form of music,” singer Tyler Levenson said. “We are incredibly excited to announce our signing with Stay Sick Recordings and we firmly believe that them and our management team will bring Afterlife to the next level.”

Levenson continued, “Growing up, I was heavily influenced by alternative rock and the aggression and emotion that the singers showed in their songs. With Vicious Cycle, you will be able to hear and feel exactly what I was going through when the songs were written. It touches base on real life issues like depression, betrayal, love and hate, realization, hope, and the many other feelings we deal with everyday.”

Afterlife are Tyler Levenson, Luke Walkinshaw, Andrew McGuire, and Sinjin Ables.

AfterLife – Vicious Cycle

Listen on iTunes and Apple Music: Purchase now: Twitter – @afterlifefl Instagram – @afterlifefl Facebook – The pain the lies, i can see it i can see it in your eyes, The pain the lies i can see it i can see it, I can see it

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