EP Review: Half Hearted – Terrified

When one thinks of the phrase half hearted, the thought process of something being done with minimal effort or enthusiasm comes to mind. This phrase is often utilized when it comes to people doing something they don’t have a burning desire for, resulting in either letting themselves or others down. So on first glance, you may think that is exactly what post hardcore outfit Half Hearted brings to the table as their face value simply shows another unsigned band amongst a sea full of others vying for listeners to give them a chance. However, don’t let their name fool you because that ideology could not be any further from the truth.  While they may be a smaller band, they bring with them passion and talented song writing worthy of the any fan of the post hardcore genre which is exacerbated by their constant energy, seeping through into their music.

[tw-toggle title=”About Half Hearted”]
Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: November 25, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes

Even though their debut EP was forgettable at times, the band as a whole have stepped up their game massively with their sophomore EP Terrified, which is a collection of five songs packed full of emotion, catchy hooks and of course the occasional bone breaking breakdowns. The EP opens up with “Storm Chaser”, which immediately showcases their progression as a band in composition and sound. Instead of the typical down tuned guitars, chug-chorus formula that is so prevalent in today’s core scene, Half Hearted opt for a more melody driven sound encompassed by sweeping, technical leads and much improved screams from frontman Michael Mangan. Singer Sean Dalke delivers one of the bands catchiest choruses to date on the opener and helps bring emotion and power throughout the full release. This is complemented further by tracks like “Forfeit”, which ends up being one of the biggest standouts on the EP for its replayability as it will live on in listeners’ heads for days.

Half Hearted – “Ghosts” (Official Music Video)

“Ghosts” is the first single off of Half Hearted’s sophomore EP “Terrified.” Full EP available online on November 25th, 2016! Directed and edited by Sam Link. Buy the song on iTunes here! http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1169279683?ls=1&app=itunes Twitter/Instagram: @HalfHearted_CT Facebook: Facebook.com/OfficialHalfHearted

Half Hearted is sure to turn heads with their sophomore release as the catchy choruses, crushing heaviness, technical guitars and riffs, or subtle electronics showcase a level of progression many bands need and most fans desire between releases. Essentially, this is a band that understands where heavier music is heading as they’ve found the right line to balance on between heavy and melodic, not dissuading fans of either approach all while having a sound that will surely draw new fans in. Even though they’ve opted for a name that describes a lack of energy or emotion, after listening to Terrified it’s clear that they live beyond the meaning of the name itself and display the exact opposite.

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