Last Light Debuts New Song “Conquer and Rise”

Rising hardcore-punk band Last Light has released an incendiary new punk-rock anthem called “Conquer and Rise.

“”Conquer and Rise” is a song about the fundamental insecurities everybody deals with. Sometimes it’s wired into our life experience or sometimes these insecurities surface when we are challenged to perform or function outside our comfort zone. When fight or flight ensues we have the opportunity to advance or retreat. “Conquer and Rise” is the call to fight the questioning of self-worth, and the lack of confidence insecurity creates when we need to obtain or achieve a goal greater than we have before.” – Jae Hansel (vocals).

The members of LAST LIGHT can recall the early days of their involvement in the hardcore scene. Initially attracted to the speed and energy of the music, the powerful and positive message, and the passion… What had dimmed over years as a result of growing older and the responsibilities that come with it has slowly begun to turn back to its full brightness. After reuniting with their previous bands for a benefit for a fallen friend they realized they are not done, and have so much more to contribute.

Lastlight Conquer and Rise h264

Bio: Guitar: Joe D. Foster, Guitar: John Coyle, Vocals: Jae Hansel, Drums: Danny Baeza, Bass: John Lorey The members of LAST LIGHT can recall the early days of their involvement in the hardcore scene. Initially attracted to the speed and energy of the music, the powerful and positive message, and the passion……..

What Are Your Thoughts!

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