Peter Silberman Releases New Single “Slips Away”

Acclaimed musician Peter Silberman, best known as a member of The Antlers, has released an new track called “Slips Away.” Purchase the song on iTunes and stream it via Spotify below.
Silberman says of the song: “Alan Watts wrote, “The greater part of human activity is designed to make permanent those experiences and joys which are only lovable because they are changing.”
Like nearly everyone I know, I contend with this daily – to accept the transitory and experience shifting tectonic plates as passing clouds. I’ve dedicated much of the last few years’ creative effort to embracing this unflinching force of nature. Change is a heartbeat, evidencing life. And so Slips Away is my preliminary meditation on this idea. The piece was written and recorded earlier this fall, largely in a secluded cabin upstate, surrounded by talkative crickets and tall old trees losing leaves. I now recognize a bit of a paradox in attempting to capture transience in song, freezing a passing moment in space and time, preserving impermanence… so the best I can reconcile this is to think of Slips Away as a most basic reminder.

Slips Away

Slips Away, a song by Peter Silberman on Spotify

What Are Your Thoughts!

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