EP Review: Naked Walrus – Simple

While it is no means a terrible thing as it helps the art form many love truly thrive, nearly every day new musicians announce themselves to the world in hopes of being the next big star. This makes the realm of music and the entertainment avenue many love dearly feel extremely overcrowded, especially in particular genres. In these cases, artists inevitably want to stick out above their peers and in doing so, they try a variety of different avenues for exposure – from a truly unique and great sound, staying in touch with fans via social media avenues for a more “real” feel, all the way to wonky press campaigns and the name of the band itself. Even though these tend to work, what if a band opted for an approach that kept everything real or just…simple? This is where Los Angeles alt. rock outfit Naked Walrus enter the fray with their forthcoming EP, Simple, which is a tried and true reflection of themselves in personality, sound and flair.

[tw-toggle title=”About Naked Walrus”]
Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Unsigned
Release: November 11, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

At face value, Simple lives up to its name due to the simplistic nature of the sound and lyrical content presented. Rather than opt for some overly technical soundscape, intricately woven story or jarring techniques in sound, Naked Walrus present a modern, upbeat tried and true alternative rock sound. Tracks like “Now” and “Minus” rely on rhythmic, toe-tapping drumming, catchy guitar chords and huge choruses with a buttery smooth vocal delivery while others like “Critics” and “Eyes” have a slightly edgier approach in the guitar tones while relying more on basslines for the bounce of the track. The remaining two songs on Simple see the band scale it back as “Fiction” is a slow burner that starts off with deep, brooding bass and crashing waves before revving up in sound, but never full exploding making for the moodiest and most atmospheric track off the release. Closing out the record is “Light”, which shows off a slightly more detailed level of composition as layers of sounds grow as the song progresses towards its finale.

Utilizing a message of being oneself by overcoming fears, understanding good things take time or following one’s own internal instincts, Naked Walrus have crafted a release that matches who they are and what they ultimately aimed for. Bands are meant to truly represent the collective whole behind the name and with Simple, these four guys not only achieve that goal, but exceed it. This is more than just a release for the alternative rock lover or people who love simplicity in their music, but more so one that is relatable to the core foundation of people and what they go through in their everyday lives. With a solidly built foundation in sound, message and approach, Simple is true to its name, utilizing an approach music used for decades resulting in a refreshing collection of music that speaks from the heart.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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