Meet Me At The Gates Release New Song + Video For “Life In Two”

Meet Me At The Gates have released the official music video for their new song, “Life In Two”, which is the title track from their upcoming EP, Life In Two, out 11/11.

The bands guitarist, Jason LeBouton comments:
“The song/video is the outline for the entire EP. The concept, feel, sound, everything. The idea behind it is that good and evil are always on your shoulders through everything you experience in your life, and how you perceive your situation depends on which side you let through. At the same time, the video, song, and EP is meant to show anyone and everyone going through a hard time that there’s always going to be times uncertainty and troubles in their lives, but no one is alone, and things will always get better so long as you take the initiative to persevere through the darkness and reach the light.”


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