The Weekly Drop: September 24 – 30

The last Friday of September just so happens to be the last day of the month this year and it truly wanted to go out with a bang. This week sees a large amount of highly anticipated debuts dropping along with the culmination of a mainstay outfit wrapping up their career in the best way possible; on with the weekly drop!

Released 9.26.16

Artist: In Night & Nature
Album: Self-Titled
Genre: Metalcore

Self Titled

Self Titled, an album by In Night & Nature on Spotify

Released 9.27.16

Artist: Danny Brown
Album: Atrocity Exhibition
Genre: Hip Hop

Atrocity Exhibition

Atrocity Exhibition, an album by Danny Brown on Spotify

Released 9.28.16

Artist: My Silent Bravery
Album: Breakthrough
Genre: Singer/Songwriter


Breakthrough, an album by My Silent Bravery on Spotify

Released 9.29.16

Artist: Darkh
Album: A Story Yet Untold
Genre: Rock

A Story Yet Untold

A Story Yet Untold, an album by DARKH on Spotify

Released 9.30.16

Artist: Auras
Album: Heliospectrum
Genre: Progressive Metal


Heliospectrum, an album by Auras on Spotify

Artist: Bad Seed Rising
Album: Awake In Color
Genre: Rock

Awake In Color

Awake In Color, an album by Bad Seed Rising on Spotify

Artist: Banks
Album: The Altar
Genre: Pop / R&B

The Altar

The Altar, an album by BANKS on Spotify

Artist: The Birthday Club
Album: Lighten Up EP
Genre: Indie Pop

Lighten Up

Lighten Up, an album by Birthday Club on Spotify

Artist: Boston Manor
Album: Be Nothing
Genre: Pop Punk

Be Nothing.

Be Nothing., an album by Boston Manor on Spotify

Artist: Drawing North
Album: El Dorado
Genre: Pop Rock

El Dorado

El Dorado, an album by Drawing North on Spotify

Artist: Famous Last Words
Album: The Incubus
Genre: Post Hardcore

The Incubus

The Incubus, an album by Famous Last Words on Spotify

Artist: Fenix TX
Album: Cre.ep EP
Genre: Punk Rock


Creep, an album by Fenix TX on Spotify

Artist: Forever In Combat
Album: Divide to Unite
Genre: Metalcore

Divide to Unite

Divide to Unite, an album by Forever In Combat on Spotify

Artist: Into The Fire
Album: Into The Fire EP
Genre: Hard Rock

Into the Fire

Into the Fire, an album by Into The Fire on Spotify

Artist: Lost Empires
Album: Death: the Unveiling of Eternity EP
Genre: Metal

Death, the Unveiling of Eternity

Death, the Unveiling of Eternity, an album by Lost Empires on Spotify

Artist: Microwave
Album: Much Love
Genre: Alternative Rock / Punk

Much Love

Much Love, an album by Microwave on Spotify

Artist: Mr. Oizo
Album: All Wet
Genre: Electronic

All Wet

All Wet, an album by Mr. Oizo on Spotify

Artist: Oathbreaker
Album: Rheia
Genre: Metal

Artist: Opeth
Album: Sorceress
Genre: Progressive Rock


Sorceress, an album by Opeth on Spotify

Artist: Poets of the Fall
Album: Clearview
Genre: Alternative Rock


Clearview, an album by Poets of the Fall on Spotify

Artist: The Mowgli’s
Album: Where’d Your Weekend Go?
Genre: Indie Pop / Rock

Where’d Your Weekend Go?

Where’d Your Weekend Go?, an album by The Mowgli’s on Spotify

Artist: Towers
Album: Towers EP
Genre: Alternative Rock


Towers, an album by Towers on Spotify

Artist: Wide Awake 
Album: The Shameless EP
Genre: Metalcore

The Shameless

The Shameless, an album by Wide Awake on Spotify

Artist: Yellowcard 
Album: Yellowcard
Genre: Alternative Rock


Yellowcard, an album by Yellowcard on Spotify

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