Lower Than Atlantis Release “Work For It” Music Video

Lower Than Atlantis have released the brand new video for their latest single, “Work For It”, which lives on their forthcoming album due out next year.

“”Work For It” is about making a choice. You either have a choice to sit on your arse and hope things come your way or get up, get to work and put in the effort and perseverance you need to get what you want. It’s about all the times we or other people we know could have given in but haven’t, and a wake up call to all those who just wait for everything to come their way.  The video is about making a choice, is it the right one? Who knows.” says the band about the new song.

Lower Than Atlantis – Work For It

Taken from the album ‘Safe In Sound’ out now: Buy/Stream: http://radi.al/SafeInSound Follow LTA online http://facebook.com/lowerthanatlantis http://twitter.com/LTAmusic http://instagram.com/LTAmusic

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