Fire From The Gods Release Music Video For “End Transmission”

With “Excuse Me,” the lead single off Fire From The Gods’ debut full-length Narrative currently racking up spins as one of the most played songs on Sirius XM’s Octane channel, the hard-charging Austin TX metal 5-piece is now premiering the music video for another track off the album.

“Sometimes its not about fitting in or belonging. Sometimes one must find themself in themselves,” says front man AJ Channer. “‘End Transmission’ is about taking an introspective look at oneself. We try so hard to fit in and belong to a particular group or affiliation. In that search for “belonging” we miss out on becoming who we need to be and not what our affiliations or allegiances say we should be. So you challenge your current reality and create a new one where you thrive in your individuality and become whatever it is you were meant to be. As strange as your transformation may seem to others, you did the right thing because you weren’t where you were supposed to be there in the first place.”

Fire From The Gods – End Transmission (Official Music Video)

Merch: iTunes: NARRATIVE – OUT NOW! “Sometimes it’s not about fitting in or belonging. Sometimes one must find themselves in themselves.” Where did we go? How could we stray so far away? Delusional, tell me that we’re not the ones to blame.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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