White Label Analog Release New Single “Echoes”

Indie rockers White Label Analog have released their newest single, “Echoes” via Music Times. The song lives on their forthcoming debut full-length album, In Case You Just Tuned In, which is slated for release on Sept. 2.

About the message behind “Echoes,” vocalist Chris Didear told Music Times, “The ‘echoes’ of the title are the reverberations of our experiences on earth that continue after we are no longer here.” Music Times remarked that, “This is a song that will echo in the listener’s memory long after the track has concluded.””Echoes” serves as the band’s first look at their debut full-length album. The 11-track project features production credits from White Label Analog as well as Dwight Baker, Mark Dufour, Chris “Frenchie” Smith and 11-time Grammy nominated mixing engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons). The result is an eclectic group of songs that form a daring alliance between traditional pop rock and today’s indie scene. KLBJ’s Loris Lowe praised their unique sound saying, “White Label Analog bring power pop rock…sunny melodies and delicious hooks.”


What Are Your Thoughts!

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