EP Review: Breathe In The Silence – Hold My Heart

While every country has put out superstar acts in nearly all genres of music, certain countries tend to outperform others in regards to specific genres. This has become more notable in the past two decades as the trends in music ebb and flow, seeing some countries become much more synonymous with specific styles than others. For example, Australia has become a hotbed of talent for melodic hardcore and metalcore, the Scandinavian countries continue to output top 100 DJ’s at a record clip and the UK continues to build and grow on a rooted foundation in alternative rock. The problem that newer or smaller acts run into in these countries is that if they contain a sound within those genres, they have preset expectations of success. This is where South Wales alternative rock / post hardcore outfit Breathe In The Silence are at in their careers as they’ve drawn favorable comparisons in style to Young Guns, Funeral For A Friend and Lower Than Atlantis. With the band set to release their new EP, Hold My Heart on September 2, the question remains – do they live up to lofty expectations set upon them?

[tw-toggle title=”About Breathe In The Silence”]
Genre: Alternative Rock | Post Hardcore
Label: Crooked Noise Records
Release: September 2, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play | Physical

The EP opens up with the title track, “Hold My Heart”, which sounds eerily reminiscent of something the aforementioned bands would put out. It begins in a calming and subtle manner until the full band instrumentals kick in behind a louder vocal approach that continues to carry a harmonious and melodic sound from beginning to end. While short, it serves as a beautiful representation of what the new, refined style from Breathe In The Silence sounds like. “Promised Lands” immediately opens up on a tear with a brief scream over wailing guitar leads and pounding drums, mixing their post hardcore influences with their more subdued, alternative sound. The third track, “Barricade” continues the subdued opening approach over memorable riffs and toe tapping drumming before the track comes to a close with a huge roar. The second to last track, “Devil’s Peak”, is what will assuredly be the highlight for many listeners as it features the bands heavier roots and a guest vocal spot from The Blackout’s Sean Smith. The melodies are vibrant, the simplicity in sound shows excellent composition and the heart-wrenching screams add a unique layer to the sound. Hold My Heart ends on the opposite side of the band’s sound than it began as “I Believe In Hell Therefore I Am” feels more like a throwback to their older style with mostly screamed vocals and a more metalcore style approach instrumentally.

Breathe In The Silence – Hold My Heart (Official Video)

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Hold My Heart’ Physical and digital pre-orders are NOW available through the links below Physical Pre-Orders: http://breatheinthesilence.bigcartel.com/products iTunes Pre-Orders:https://itunes.apple.com/…/a…/hold-my-heart-ep/id1130992222…

From the gorgeous melodies and the tight knit production to the hard hitting drums and rhythmic riffs, Hold My Heart shows what well composed music is capable of outputting. Even still, it doesn’t quite live up to the name-stays they’ve been compared to – yet. There’s a lot of room for improvement as showcased in the on-again, off-again intertwining of sounds that they’ve created here and while it comes across well, it causes the flow of the record to stumble, albeit briefly. As it stands now, this is merely a glimpse of what Breathe In The Silence is capable of, but with more time in the oven and further expanding on what works well with this release, there’s assuredly a very bright future in store for these guys.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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