The Weekly Drop: May 23 – May 27 Releases

Continuing a streak of musical variety, the calendar doesn’t let up as we finish the last full week of May and enter the Memorial Day weekend. This week sees anticipated returns, new releases changing bands directions and even a live album. Variety wise, we’re once again given access to so many sounds, it’s hard to find a solid place to start. Now on with the Weekly Drop!

Artist: Architects
Album: All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
Genre: Metalcore

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, an album by Architects on Spotify

Artist: Beyond All Recognition
Album: Beyond All Recognition
Genre: Metalcore

Beyond All Recognition

Beyond All Recognition, an album by Beyond All Recognition on Spotify

Artist: Boyfrndz
Album: Impulse
Genre: Electronic


Impulse, an album by Boyfrndz on Spotify

Artist: Flume
Album: Skin
Genre: Electronic


Skin, an album by Flume on Spotify

Artist: Griever
Album: Soul Searcher EP
Genre: Melodic Metal

Soul Searcher

Soul Searcher, an album by Griever on Spotify

Artist: Hollow Bones
Album: Lionheart
Genre: Melodic Hardcore


Lionheart, an album by Hollow Bones on Spotify

Artist: Iodine Sky
Album: Tides
Genre: Hard Rock


Tides, an album by Iodine Sky on Spotify

Artist: Lacuna Coil
Album: Delirium
Genre: Hard Rock


Delirium, an album by Lacuna Coil on Spotify

Artist: Napoleon
Album: Newborn Mind
Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Newborn Mind

Newborn Mind, an album by Napoleon on Spotify

Artist: Of Mice & Men
Album: Live At Brixton
Genre: Alternative Metal

Live at Brixton

Live at Brixton, an album by Of Mice & Men on Spotify

Artist: PUP
Album: The Dream Is Over
Genre: Indie

The Dream Is Over

The Dream Is Over, an album by PUP on Spotify

Artist: Real Friends
Album: The Home Inside My Head
Genre: Pop Punk

The Home Inside My Head

The Home Inside My Head, an album by Real Friends on Spotify

Artist: The Hotelier
Album: Goodness
Genre: Emo


Goodness, an album by The Hotelier on Spotify

Artist: Thrice
Album: To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere
Genre: Rock

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, an album by Thrice on Spotify

Artist: Until We Are Ghosts
Album: Detach Me From You
Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Detach Me From You

Detach Me From You, an album by Until We Are Ghosts on Spotify

Artist: Vinnie Caruana
Album: Survivor’s Guilt
Genre: Rock

Survivor’s Guilt

Survivor’s Guilt, an album by Vinnie Caruana on Spotify

What Are Your Thoughts!

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