Album Review: Gone By Tomorrow – Blank Future Ep

England has a myriad of commodities they ship throughout the world. Some exports this wonderous island brings you are precious stones, tobacco, pharmaceutical goods, vehicles, and some of the most unyielding, frenzied, vigorous bands this world hears these days. Some of the aforementioned bands include metalcore legends Bury Tomorrow, and kick ass rockers Heart In Hand, but now the city of Southampton, located in the county of Hampshire brings you Gone By Tomorrow.

When first pressing play on the opening track “Undefined“, you’re greeted with an almost ominous tone that beckons you to hearken further. At about 15 seconds in a low, but almost upbeat plucking of the guitar strings is brought in, followed by some electronic drums and orchestral sounds that almost make you feel like something’s coming. You can feel your heartbeat getting faster, the hairs on the back of your neck start pricking up, there’s almost a catch in your breath until 54 tantalizing seconds in when the band gives you that release to punch, kick, scream in all that moshpit ridden delight.

Outspoken”‘ is a fitting title for a song off of this ep, if for noting more than the fact that the vocals throughout feel as if this is a group of people who have something to say, and you’ll want to pay close attention. Lead vocalist has an almost Alex Koehler like high pitched scream at times, without sounding like a replica, but can growl so low a Doberman would be frightened.

The next song title is modeled as a statement/question; “I Saved Latin, What Did You Ever Do?” Well seeing as that’s an archaic language still used today in stories, poems, as mottos, and is still the official language within Vatican City, I’d say they’ve got quite the accomplishment on their hands.

Outspoken”‘ is a fitting title for a song off of this ep, if for noting more than the fact that the vocals throughout feel as if this is a group of people who have something to say, and you’ll want to pay close attention.

That’s precisely what this band has with the ep Blank Future, an accomplishment. This ep has some metalcore and post-hardcore roots and some of the riffs displayed give a hint of southern metal. Is it the most original sound I’ve ever heard before? Not exactly, but what really constitutes originality these days (not the chants of “HEY, HEY” in the outro of “Here’s to you, dearest enemy“, albeit we all know we actually love those moments!)? These five guys from Southampton have talent. They know how to play, they know how to sing. This was a fun record that had a lot to offer. I’d say these boys actually have a pretty solid future ahead of them.

Gone By Tomorrow – “Not The Only Ones” Official Music Video

Watch the official music video by Gone By Tomorrow for their hit single “Not The Only Ones” Subscribe for more music videos! Watch more videos like this Gone By Tomorrow Links BryanStars Links Instagram Facebook Twitter Merch Snapchat username is BryanStarzzzz .


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