Weekly Drop

The Weekly Drop: May 4

A new month is upon us and with it, an entirely brand new slate of upcoming releases that many have been anticipating for weeks and months. This May 4th sees a good amount of releases across the whole...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: April 13

This Friday the 13th sees a smaller subset of new tunes to be heard in comparison to previous weeks, but the quality is as strong as ever with some absolute monster releases that need to be heard. On ...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: October 28 – November 3

November is now upon us and things are slowly starting to slow down, but that doesn’t mean that what’s still coming is any less quality. This first week of November sees some fantastic deb...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: October 21 – 27

With the end of October nearly here, the month goes out with a massive bang as this Friday brings a massive amount of new tunes and variety. This week also sees the return of some fan favorite bands, ...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: October 14 – 20

A brand new Friday is upon us and with it a brand new weekly drop. This week could be deemed the biggest release day of the year thus far in regards to not only quality, but quantity as nearly every a...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: October 7 – 13

Friday the 13th is upon us and for all its spooks and tricks it may bring with it, it once again brings a ridiculously good slate of new tunes to enjoy. This week sees some interesting debuts, much an...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: September 30 – October 6

The calendar has turned to a new month and with it, perhaps the biggest month of the year in terms of releases to come on a week to week basis. From now until the middle of November, a crazy push will...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: September 23 – 29

With the last week of September 17 upon us, there aren’t a ton of heavy hitters releasing new material. Instead, we’re presented with a vast amount of quality content that should cover any...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: October 29 – November 4

October has passed up and as we enter the month of November, the amount of releases may slow down but the quality doesn’t let up. This week sees new releases across the board from all genres, su...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: October 22 – 28

With the month of October coming to an end, the amount of music releasing starts to slow down, but that doesn’t indicate a lack of quality – or surprises. This week sees its fair share of ...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: October 15 – 21

As we near the final stretch of October, another wave of new music has been unleashed for all to hear. This week brings more variety and uniqueness rather than highly anticipated records, but there...[Read More]

The Weekly Drop: October 8 – 14

Halfway through October and the releases keep on coming. This week sees another huge spate of releases from rock to indie, electronic to metal and more, including highly anticipated and surprise relea...[Read More]

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