Vacay Drops New Single “Howlin’ Wind”

Levi Randall, or better known in the musical world as Vacay is set to drop his new EP Howlin’ Wind on May 26th. Today sees the release of the title track from the EP, which relies on a rather si...[Read More]

VACAY Releases His Take on Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”

Singer/songwriter Levi Randall, or more likely known as Vacay has released his newest track, giving his take on Michael Jackson’s classic “Human Nature”. “As a kid,  I remember...[Read More]

VACAY Drops New Single “Shoes”

Singer-songwriter VACAY has a goal to create an identity of his own and make music with integrity and he continues to do so with his latest single, “Shoes”. The track was co-produced with ...[Read More]

Vacay Releases New Single “Moving You”

Singer songwriter Vacay has released his second single “Moving You”, which is a sweepingly-heartfelt composition. “As an artist so much of your creative expression is done in isolati...[Read More]

New Artist Spotlight: Introducing Vacay and “The Other Side”

Toronto musician VACAY has made his mark on the music world with the release of his debut single, “The Other Side”. The track has pop sensibilities over a smooth acoustic driven guitar and...[Read More]

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