Ghost Town

Tilian Releases New Single “Ghost Town”

Tilian (Pearson) is proud to debut “Ghost Town,” the third single and concluding track from his forthcoming album, The Skeptic. The song is an emotive, cathartic anthem that discusses love and loss an...[Read More]

Show Review: Slave’s “The Beautiful Death Tour”

Sacramento’s post-hardcore outfit Slaves have just wrapped up their headlining tour in celebration of their latest album Beautiful Death, with the support of Ghost Town, Dayshell, and Kyle Lucas...[Read More]

Ghost Town Stream New Single, ‘Fangirl’

Ghost Town has released the 5th Ghost Town Tuesday track today titled, ‘Fangirl’. Ghost Town Tuesdays made a comeback about 6 weeks ago, however, the band did take off last Tuesday to anno...[Read More]

Ghost Town Brings Back GhostTownTuesdays; Streams New Single

Ghost Town announced last week that they would be bringing back, “Ghost Town Tuesdays” where they release a new single every Tuesday with each single having its unique artwork that Ghost T...[Read More]

Ghost Town tell us about “Mean Kids”

With their latest album release only a few weeks ago, Ghost Town unleash their newest single on the world with the lyric video for “Mean Kids”. The band takes on a relatively serious tone ...[Read More]

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