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8.3 Great

EP Review: The Contortionist – Our Bones

O V E R V I E W It’s becoming increasingly difficult to place any sort of a genre tag on a group like The Contortionist. The once upon a time progressive metalcore juggernauts have twisted and stretch...[Read More]

Album Review: Hollow Front – Still Life

There’s something to be said about where you come from, how even different parts of the same country can quite drastically differ from one another, almost making it feel like you’re not re...[Read More]

EP Review: This Curse – From The Darkest of Places

As genres continue to evolve, they also expand, eventually taking on new classifications and with it new meanings. While the alternative metalcore sub-genre may not be entirely new, it’s definit...[Read More]

EP Review: Cove – A Conscious Motion

As artists, creating something for yourself is probably more important than it is to create something for the masses. After all, it’s your blood, sweat and tears that go into the project and mon...[Read More]

EP Review: Nerv – Bad Habits

O V E R V I E W If you were to scour internet comment sections (against your better judgement of course), a noticeable theme seems to occur in regards to certain music genres. That is, there are very ...[Read More]

EP Review: Thornhill – Butterfly

Thornhill are yet another additional to the every promising heavy Australian music scene. Drawing influence from the likes of Karnivool and Tool while combining both heavy and melodic elements, the ba...[Read More]

EP Review: MOTHER – Remnants Of A Wasted Dream

While labels are an easy way to describe an artist to others, it’s not always the truest form of what musicians actually are created and delivering. Oxford based indie rock four-piece Mother are...[Read More]

EP Review: Arcaeon – Balance

One of the easiest ways to draw interest into newer, upcoming bands is to find a relationship in sound or style to older, more established bands that many tend to enjoy. The issue in doing this is it ...[Read More]

EP Review: Deathbed – Dead Youth

At first glance when we ourselves are growing up, we tend to think that there isn’t much that differentiates us from others. When we’re younger, there’s an innocence quality to life that makes everyth...[Read More]

EP Review: Vanish – From Sheep To Wolves

Throughout all of the hoopla for “different” in modern day society, there’s still those who yearn for the days of old. While it probably has more to do with the nostalgia factor more than anything, wh...[Read More]

EP Review: Vault 51 – Kid

When new bands arise, from the launch of their sound to their overall image, timing is everything. If you go too long between songs and/or releases, the immediate luster and interest slowly fades and ...[Read More]

EP Review: Night Argent – The Fear

In the modern day 24/7 news cycle across all outlets, be it political or entertainment news, it’s becoming increasingly rarer for true surprises to exist. Add to that the advent of social media where ...[Read More]

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