Album Review

8.6 Great

Album Review: Northlane – Obsidian

Australian metalcore band Northlane, are back with their 6th studio album Obsidian. The success of previous album “Alien” and the stylistic change made on that, have helped make “Obsidian” a highly an...[Read More]

10 Perfect


‘Everything is everything’. That’s a quote from the character Poet on the HBO show, Oz. Now, while I’m certain his intended definition behind that quote was far different, one could perceive it as elu...[Read More]

9.1 Amazing


Don’t you miss that old school bangin’ metalcore? You know that mid-2000’s vibe of balls to the wall, chock full of riffage and maniacal breakdowns that made you feel as if your face was melting clean...[Read More]

9 Amazing

Album Review: Sleep Waker – Alias

What does it mean to be human? Some basic ‘definitions or examples are the abilities to communicate, whether it be through speech, certain gestures we can make with our body, or even facial expression...[Read More]

Album Review: Dreamshade – A Pale Blue Dot

O V E R V I E W Swiss metal band Dreamshade’s 4th studio album A Pale Blue Dot drops today. The much anticipated record is a testament to the band’s ability to stay true to their signature...[Read More]

7.7 Good

Album Review: King Mothership – The Ritual

O V E R V I E W It’s always a good thing to keep busy. To occupy yourself. Some would say even more so these days, seeing as how many options are quite limited. Some of us are busy bodies and never qu...[Read More]

8.4 Great

Album Review: Broadside – Into The Raging Sea

O V E R V I E W I’ve always been a metal kinda guy. But like so many others, my tastes are actually quite BROAD (to quote Deadpool; a huge steaming pile of foreshadowing). I used to love pop punk. Alo...[Read More]

7.7 Good

Album Review: Emmure – Hindsight

O V E R V I E W Nu-Metal(core) has made quite the resurgence over the past few years or so. We’ve seen bands like Alpha Wolf, Volumes, Attila, Dealer among others either help to begin the trend or fol...[Read More]

9.3 Amazing

Album Review: Currents – The Way It Ends

O V E R V I E W The first time something (anything at all) is attempted, most would go into it having the mindset of wanting to do it right and do it well. Not only to know that you have done whatever...[Read More]

8.9 Great

Album Review: Off Road Minivan – Swan Dive

O V E R V I E W We all do a little something on the side from time to time. Some of us have our main jobs as a construction worker, but at the end of that shift we hop in our Jeep Renegade and give pe...[Read More]

9.4 Amazing

Album Review: August Burns Red – Guardians

O V E R V I E W Consistency is key in so many things in life. Find what you excel and flourish in and then utilize those skills, abilities, and knowledge to put forth whatever it is that you do best. ...[Read More]

8 Great

Album Review: The Word Alive – MONOMANIA

O V E R V I E W You know that special, certain something you’re looking forward to with immense anticipation? It can literally be anything at all. A particular day in the calendar year, a trip, a reun...[Read More]

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