Album Review: Marianas Trench – Astoria

After what seemed to many to be four excruciatingly long years, Canadian pop rock quartet Marianas Trench are back! After the release of their last album, Ever After, the group went on extensive tours...[Read More]

Album Review: Kinnecom – Motion Sickness

The New York City transplant Kinnecom has come a long way since his post-hardcore days with Wealth in Water and Motivational/Motiv. Since signing with Imminence Records, he has shifted gears towa...[Read More]

Album Review: Born Of Osiris – Soul Sphere

Deathcore is a subgenre of metal blending elements of the subgenres metalcore and death metal. Metalcore is the amalgamation of metal and hardcore music, using breakdowns as a defining point. Djent (l...[Read More]

Album Review: Dresses – Let Down EP

Happy and breakups; not typically two words that go in the same sentence. In fact that’s usually referred to as an oxymoron, and yet indie pop duo Dresses have somehow pulled that off with their...[Read More]

Album Review: No Need To Stay – Persona Obscura

Average. Lackluster. Mediocre. These are just a few words that describe theatrical-core band No Need To Stay’s debut album Persona Obscura. The band offers their own brand of what is often dubbe...[Read More]

Album Review: Fightstar – Behind The Devil’s Back

Fightstar is back after a 5 year hiatus and various side projects with From The Devil’s Back. Charlie Simpson had his solo project and Westaway and Haigh formed Gunship. It wasn’t till las...[Read More]

Album Review: Dinosaur Pile-Up – Eleven Eleven

The grunge revival has been going on for some time.  Bands like Soundgarden & Alice In Chains have returned in the past few years with superb albums, but new bands have also surged from this reviv...[Read More]

Album Review: Watch Out Stampede – Tides

When it comes to many bands, I tend to avoid listening to singles when I know an album is around the corner or not terribly far from release. I would rather hear an album in full as one complete piece...[Read More]

Album Review: Mayday Parade – Black Lines

Mayday Parade is a fairly prominent name in the rock scene today. Back in 2005 the band was formed after the amalgamation of two separate groups. Kid Named Chicago provided vocalist Jason Lancaster, g...[Read More]

Album Review: Trivium – Silence In The Snow

Eo Ire Itum. In Latin this phrase is loosely defined as “to advance, or progress”, which is a fitting way to describe the Florida based group Trivium over their 15+ year span. Throughout t...[Read More]

Album Review: New Years Day – Malevolence

New Years Day is a female lead alternative metal band from Anaheim, CA set to release their 3rd full length album Malevolence on October 2nd. New Years Day is not a band I was particularly familiar wi...[Read More]

Album Review: Separations – Dream Eater

Electronicore is such a polarizing genre, some people love it while others hate it. While a few bands do it really well, it’s a genre that I have mostly strayed away from. Now enter Separations,...[Read More]

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