Album Review: Before Their Eyes – Midwest Modesty

Three years can seem like an eternity looking forward, but looking back in life, time seemingly flies by and you think to yourself, “Has it really been THAT long ago?”. Imagine if you were...[Read More]

Album Review: Secrets – Everything That Got Us Here

Secrets have always been the victim of an ever changing lineup. Each of their previous two albums has featured a different screamer. Fragile Figures was easily their best material and the band showed ...[Read More]

Album Review: Spoken – Breathe Again

For a band that has been around for almost two decades, Spoken is a band that is the perfect example of hard work, evolution and dedication to their craft. Going from their early days of rapcore and r...[Read More]

Album Review: Ice Nine Kills – Every Trick In The Book

Ice Nine Kills is a constantly evolving entity. If you harken back to the bands first EPs up until now, you will notice that their sound is constantly evolving with each release. With this release, Ic...[Read More]

Album Review: Come Wind – Move In Place

Come Wind isn’t a new band. The Canton, Ohio quintet has been around since 2009 and after 6 years as a band they’ve only released 2 EP’s. That all changes with their debut album, Mov...[Read More]

Album Review: Wage War – Blueprints

Wage War is another new addition to the ever-growing Fearless roster. Their debut album Blueprints was released a week early on Apple Music and is set for release on November 27th at all other retaile...[Read More]

Album Review: Altered Sky – Without Wonderland

Typically I’m not a huge fan of female singers in rock music. It’s not for any sexist reasons. I’m well aware that plenty ladies of the mic can belt it out even harder than their mal...[Read More]

Album Review: All Will Know – Deeper Into Time

There is a common saying in life that its the little things that matter. In music that is often the case as well. Sometimes the little things are what make a band fun.The little things are what makes ...[Read More]

Album Review: Novelists – Souvenirs

A novelist is an individual who…you guessed it; writes novels. An author if you will. They put the pen to paper to tell a story. The readers than immerse themselves in the where, when, and how o...[Read More]

Album Review: Foxing – Dealer

The first time I heard of the group Foxing, was when they were announced as a supporting act for Brand New. Considering how much I loved Brand New, I figured any band they’d bring on a tour of t...[Read More]

EP Review: OCE∆NS – Year One

When I first heard of the band OCE∆NS, I was just browsing through Facebook and saw a post from a fellow Facebook-er with a link to their Bandcamp. Being the curious music lover that I am, I decided t...[Read More]

Album Review: Saint the Sinner – Masquerades [EP]

Prior to college, I didn’t know much about music at all. During this time of meeting new people and being introduced to their musical tastes, I came across various genres and sounds I had never ...[Read More]

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